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343 Unscreened Lubrication Jet

343 Unscreened Lubrication Jets generate a straight, well-defined stream of fluid to a predetermined target with differential pressures of 10 to 200 psid. These units are ideal for directing streams of lubricating oil at critical bearings, or cooling oil at meshing gears, or fuel at the inside of vaporizing tubes in aircraft combustion chambers. 343 Unscreened Lubrication Jets are offered with a ±15% tolerance and available in a Lohm range from 200 to 7,900 Lohms.

Key Product Facts
  • Accurate, solid stream, lubricating Jet
  • Tested for flow and target-hitting ability
  • Bidirectional flow capability
Part Numbers
JELA3410200L, JELA3410250L, JELA3410350L, JELA3410450L, JELA3410600L, JELA3410800L, JELA3410105D, JELA3410135D, JELA3410175D, JELA3410225D, JELA3410295D, JELA3410385D, JELA3410500D, JELA3410650D, JELA3410790D

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