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Manifold Technology

Manifolds are reliable solutions compared to the traditional approach of just tubing together discrete components, such as fewer leak points, lower internal volumes, and ease of installaiton into the instrument. We can incorporate solenoid valves, pumps, passive and active components into an assembly that is functionaly tested per the application requirements. There are different techniques used to create manifolds depending on the requirements, including conventional, multi-layer bonded, ant farm, combination and injection. Our verstile design approach simplifies system integration by providing a best fit solution to reduce assembly cost.

Key Product Facts
  • Design Flexibility
  • Wide Variety of Material Options & Techniques
  • Integrated Components
  • Reduces Assembly & Installation Costs
  • Value Added Solution, 100% Tested
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From plugs to solenoid valves, there’s a vast array of products that The Lee Company can offer. If you’d like to discuss the best solution for your specific application or to learn more about our capabilities, use-cases, or quality standards, contact your local Lee sales engineer.