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MINSTAC Tubing and Components

Overview: Miniature tubing and components for fluidic connections

Description: MINSTAC is miniature inert system of tubing and components used to couple together various active components such as solenoid valves and pumps in a fluid control system. The tubing assembly includes a unique collet-locking system resulting in a permanent threaded fitting connection with a clean flow path optimized for analytical instruments. There is also a complete line of inert components such as safety screens, filters, check valves, manifolds, and adapters to fully complement your system requirements.

  • Compatible with Many of Lee's Miniature Solenoid Valves, Dispense Pumps, and Nozzles
  • Compact Size
  • Wide Variety of Mounting Sizes and Options Available
Part Numbers:
TUTC3216930L, TUTC3216920L, TUTC3216915L, TUTC3216905L, TUTB4012920L, TUTB3216930D, TUTA3216930D, TQTC9531930L, TQTB9531930L, TPMA9502909Z, TNTC6230930L, TNTB6230930L, TMUA9504950Z, TMUA3202950Z, TMUA3201950Z, TMRA9503950Z, TMRA3202950Z, TMPA3201919Z, TMMA9504950Z, TMMA9502950Z, TMMA3203950Z, TMMA3201950Z, TMLA3201950Z, TMGA9504950Z, TMGA9503950Z, TMDA3212950Z, TMDA3207950Z, TMDA3207920Z, TMDA3204950Z, TMDA3201950Z, TMCA3202030Z, TMBA3202910Z, TMAA3202079Z, TKLA9501130D, TKLA3201112H, TKFA9502135A, TKFA3202135A, TCFA6202035A, TCFA1201035A, INMX0503300A, INMX0502300A, INMX0350650A, INMX0350100A, INMX0350000A
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