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1/4-28 Flat Bottom Boss

1/4-28 Flat Bottom Boss Configuration

1/4-28 Flat Bottom - Line Drawing

Unless otherwise specified, dimensions are in inches [mm]. Drawings are not to scale.

1/4-28 Flat Bottom Boss Fitting Assembly

LHD Plug-In Style - Line Drawing

Anodized Aluminum Coupling Screw: TMAA9503079Z
PEEK Collet Sleeve: TMCA9501950Z
PCTFE Ferrule: TMBA9503910Z


Pre-Assembled PTFE Tubing Part Numbering Information

TQT Part Numbers sold as complete tubing assemblies only.

(1.) Pre-assembled PTFE tubing is available in lengths up to 100 cm. Please contact your local Lee Sales Engineer for assistance if longer lengths are required. Bulk tubing (TUTA) is only available in 300 cm (30D) and 3,000 cm (30H) lengths.