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156 Boss Configuration

LHD Plug-In Style - Line Drawing

Boss Drawing TMIX9000000A

(Unless otherwise specified, dimensions are in inches [mm])
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156 Fitting Assembly

LHD Plug-In Style - Line Drawing

Anodized Aluminum Coupling Screw: TMAA9501079Z
PEEK Collet Sleeve: TMCA9501950Z
PCTFE Ferrule: TMBA9501910Z


Pre-Assembled PTFE Tubing Part Numbering Information

(1.) Click here for available stock lengths.

* Color Code: 0-Black; 1-Brown; 2-Red; 3-Orange; 4-Yellow; 5-Green; 6-Blue; 7-Violet; 8-Gray; 9-Clear
** Bulk tubing is only available in 300 cm (30D) and 3,000 cm (30H) lengths.

Click here for the 156 MINSTAC Preparation and Installation Procedures.