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062 MINSTAC with Straight Nickel Titanium Tube

062 MINSTAC with Straight Nickel Titanium Tube Dispensing Nozzles - Line Drawing

Unless otherwise specified, dimensions are in inches [mm]. Drawings are not to scale.

Shape memory alloy nozzles allow precise dispensing and flexibility. The nickel titanium material is resistant to permanent deformation. This allows the nozzle to be bent and still return to its original shape. The nozzle can also be passed into twisted or restrictive passageways.

  • Wetted materials: nickel titanium, stainless steel, epoxy
  • Compatible with Lee Company 062 MINSTAC bosses

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Part Number
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Length "L" LOHM
INZA9102520K 1.0" (25.4 mm) 20,000
(Ref. Cv = 0.0010)
INZA9105132K 2.0" (50.8 mm) 32,000
(Ref. Cv = 0.0006)
INZA9107642K 3.0" (76.2 mm) 42,000
(Ref. Cv = 0.0005)

NOTE: (1) Click here for a full description of the Lohm Laws.