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Valve Mounting Details

The VHS Series valves, with standard or small outlet ports, can be manifold mounted. This allows precise, controlled injection of fluids directly into flow streams. The outlet port is placed in close proximity to the flow stream, minimizing captive capillary volumes and increasing the accuracy of the volume of the fluid injected.

The Lee Company offers single and multiple valve manifolds in PEEK or PMMA. Boss plugs are also available to allow for future system expansion.

VHS - Manifold Mount


Unless otherwise specified, dimensions are in inches [mm]. Drawings are not to scale.

Refer to Drawing Number INIX0500050A for Mounting Boss Details.

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IKTX0322170A1 Mounting Sleeve Kit, Standard Port (0.050" dia.) IHWX0306020A
IKTX0322200A1 Mounting Sleeve Kit, Small Port (0.020" dia.) IHWX0306040A
IKTX0322190A2 Manifold Plug Sleeve Kit IHWX0306260A

(1) The Mounting Sleeve Kit includes a mounting sleeve, thrust washer and ferrule.
(2) The Manifold Plug Sleeve Kit includes a mounting sleeve and plug insert for blocking unused injection sites in the manifold.