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Material Return Procedure

Should any Lee Company product fail to perform to its specifications as stated on the Inspection Drawing, it may be returned for evaluation and possible replacement. Product returned for credit must be unused and in the original, unopened Lee Company packaging, and will be subject to restocking charges. Please follow these steps to return material or parts:

  1. Check the product for contamination. Also check for physical damage that may have occurred since you received the product. These are the most common reasons for failure and we do not warrant for field introduced contamination or damage.
  2. Check that the product was used as intended. Sometimes applications change over time with unforeseen consequences. We are happy to assist with re-engineering the application if needed.
  3. If you are returning a product from our Electro Fluidic Systems (EFS) Division, complete an on-line EFS RMA form. (EFS Division Part Numbers start with the following letters: I; L; M; or T) Ensure that the completed EFS RMA Hazard Data Sheet is included and isolated from the product.
  4. Otherwise, contact The Lee Company Sales Department for a Returned Material Authorization ("RMA") number.
  5. Package the Lee product carefully to prevent the introduction of packing material contaminants and damage during shipping.