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Precise, dependable components to remove trapped air and reduce downtime

While there are numerous types of shut-off valves on the market, The Lee Company has designed an innovative product tailored specifically to meet the needs of industrial industry – the vent valve. This unique valve removes trapped air in a system while minimizing any potential hydraulic losses. Trapped air can infiltrate a system during several scenarios, including initial green runs, key-off events, or following maintenance or repair work. The presence of air can disrupt system startup, prolong reaction times, create a “spongy feel,” or increase downtime while operators wait for air to be purged from the system. These complications can diminish system efficiency, lead to customer dissatisfaction, and potentially trigger warranty problems. However, such concerns can be easily mitigated by automatically purging the air using this vent valve.

Vent valves are normally closed valves that start by prohibiting air from being drawn back into a system during shutdown. During startup, the system pressure increases and opens the vent valve, allowing any trapped air to vent out of the system. The valve then closes as the system approaches its operating pressure, eliminating further hydraulic losses. The Lee Company’s unique solution for removing this unwanted air enables system designers to optimize system component sizing, leading to improved efficiencies, reduced weight, and lower costs.

Over 50% of all components manufactured by The Lee Company are custom products designed to meet the requirements of a specific application. As a result, our capabilities far exceed our standard product line. Whether you require a specific flow rate, shut-off pressure, normally open configuration, leakage performance, envelope, or material, contact a local Lee Sales Engineer to design the right vent valve for your hydraulic system.

Insert-Style Vent Valves

Vent valves are designed to remove trapped air from a system while minimizing any hydraulic losses to make your system as efficient as possible.

Our insert-style vent valves feature an integral locking end that provide secure retention into metal housings and prevents bypass leakage, making installation simple and eliminating the need for threads, sealants, or O-rings.

Standard versions are available in 5.5 mm diameter with both forward and reverse configurations. They include a 125 micron integral safety screen to mitigate contamination.  Additionally, these valves can be constructed with a ceramic ball design for aggressive environments.

Press-In Style Vent Valves

Designed for installation into plastic housings, fittings, and soft tubing, our press-in style vent valves match our insert vent valves for ease of installation. The unique press-in design of each valve  ensures retention and prevents bypass leakage. Their stainless steel construction and optional ceramic ball configurations make these valves ideal for aggressive fluids and gases. Our safety screen filters are a separate component for press-in style valves that can be purchased independently.



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