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Response as fast as milliseconds. Because speed is critical.

Motorsports leave no margin for error. That’s why car designers, drivers and pit crews rely on The Lee Company. We offer an extensive range of plugs, restrictors, valves, filter screens and flow controls which have been thoroughly proven in high-performance cars and engines. Products such as Lee solenoid valves are used in a wide range of applications including fuel flap, emergency clutch disengage, reverse gear selection, power steering, auxiliary lube oil tank top-up as well as active front wing control.

See how Lee Miniature Piloting Solenoid Valves with patented MultiSeal™ technology and a compact, efficient coil design offer performance benefits such as fast response times as low as 5 milliseconds for motorsports and other industries.


Get detailed information on Lee components for motorsports including specifications, flow performance and reference drawings for our Hi-Damped Pressure Relief Inserts, HI-BAR® Insert Retained Safety Screens, and Dual Metering Flow Control Valves.


Download our motorsports application card for an overview of where Lee components have been used for years by Formula 1 teams all across the world.


See our complete line of precision microhydraulic fluid control products – with more than 800 pages of technical specifications, part numbers, installation information and useful engineering reference material.


Download our line card for an overview of Lee components used in motorsports and other industries.


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