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125 Aluminum Lee QIP® Expansion Plug

The .125 inch 2024 aluminum Quick Installation Plug is a pre-assembled plug set that combines ease of handling and installation with the proven reliability and performance of Lee Plug expansion plugs. When traditional manufacturing requires the use of cross-drilled holes, or when additive manufacturing housings need access points for sub-components, Lee Plugs continue to be the simplest, most successful method to seal drilled holes for critical applications. Upon installation of the pin, controlled expansion causes the lands and grooves of the plug to “bite” into the surrounding material forming independent seals and retaining rings. The result is a trouble-free, leak-proof seal for both liquids and gasses.

Key Product Facts
  • Simplified installation.
  • Uses Lee field-proven controlled expansion principal.
  • High proof pressures, up to 10,000 psi (69 MPa).
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