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187 High Pressure Check Valve

This miniature, high pressure check valve is only 0.187 inches in diameter and 0.82 inches in length. Its robust design prevents backflow in high pressure systems up to 8000 psi. It is ideal for applications with flow rates up to 1.5 GPM. An integral safety screen is available.

Key Product Facts
  • Poppet-Style Check Valves
  • Diameter:0.187 inches
  • Lohm Rate:210 Lohms max
  • Operating Pressures:Up to 8000 psi
  • Leakage:1 drop / hour at 8000 psi

Product Information

General Performance
Characteristic Specification
Cracking Pressure 5 ± 3 or 1 ± 0.5 psid
Maximum Leakage in Checked Direction at 5 psid 1 Drop / Minute
Maximum Leakage in Checked Direction at 1000-8000 psid 1 Drop / Hour
Lohm Rate at 20 psid and Greater Unscreened: 210 Lohms
Screened: 250 Lohms
Nominal System Pressure Up to 8000 psi
Nominal Weight Unscreened: 2.0 grams
Screened: 2.2 grams
Available Screen Hole Size 0.015 inches Nominal
Test Fluid MIL-PRF-83282 at 85°F
Body 304 CRES AMS 5639
Pin 17-4PH CRES AMS 5643
Poppet 15-5PH CRES AMS 5659
Spring 17-7PH CRES AMS 5678
Spring Seat 304 CRES AMS 5639
Screen (Reverse Screened Version Only) 304 CRES QQ-S-763C
Screen (Forward Screened Version Only) 304L CRES ASTM A 666
Braze (Forward Screened Version Only) - AMS 4774
Post (Forward Screened Version Only) 303 CRES QQ-S-763C
Finish: All CRES parts passivated.
Pins are prewaxed. Do not degrease. Do not lubricate.
Flow Curves
Cross Section Views
Dimensional Views
Installation Hole Details

Part Numbers & Specifications

This table below contains the part numbers and technical specifications for this product. If you have specific questions, need a quote, or would like to request a handbook or drawing, click the red request button in the column on the far right.

Part Numbers & Specifications
CHFA1876505A 5 ± 3 210 Lohms Maximum - Forward Request
CHFA1876501A 1 ± 0.5 210 Lohms Maximum - Forward Request
CHRA1876505A 5 ± 3 210 Lohms Maximum - Reverse Request
CHRA1876501A 1 ± 0.5 210 Lohms Maximum - Reverse Request
CHFA1875505A 5 ± 3 250 Lohms Maximum 0.015 Forward Request
CHFA1875501A 1 ± 0.5 250 Lohms Maximum 0.015 Forward Request
CHRA1875505A 5 ± 3 250 Lohms Maximum 0.015 Reverse Request
CHRA1875501A 1 ± 0.5 250 Lohms Maximum 0.015 Reverse Request

Installation & Accessories

Replacement Parts & Accessories
CUTA1870210C Installation / Extraction Tool Set
CUTA1870228C Forward Screen Installation / Extraction Tool Set
JHHA1870003A Replacement Pin
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