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Shuttle Valves

400 bar Shuttle Valve

The 400 Bar Shuttle Valve is a 6.0 mm diameter, selective, non-detented, loose ball three port isolation valve designed for use in 400 Bar hydraulic system manifolds. The valve uses The Lee Companies field-proven insert principle that provides secure retention without the need for threads, O-rings or sealants. The valves compact size makes it ideal as a signal for auxiliary functions, such as hydraulically released, spring-applied brakes as well as load sensing applications. This valve is the smallest in its’ flow class, often one third the size of existing shuttle valves with comparable flow rates, allowing system designers to optimize system component sizing, leading to improved efficiencies, reduced weight, and lower costs. The all metal construction provides high reliability, drip tight leakage and is 100% performance tested to ensure consistent, long term performance.

Key Product Facts
  • Rated for Working Pressures Up to 400 bar
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Leak Tight Performance Eliminates System Drift
  • Smallest In Its Flow Class
  • Flow rate capacity of 3.9 LPM (1.05 GPM) @ 3.5 Bar (51 psid) on hydraulic fluid
  • Innovative Locking End
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