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Safety Screen Filters

5.5 mm Cartridge Safety Screen

5.5mm Cartridge Safety Screens are “last chance” safety screens designed to protect critical fluid control components against rogue contamination. IMH Cartridge Screens use proprietary high strength bonded mesh to provide additional strength and integrity for applications where higher pressures could cause rupture due to the effects of clogging, possibly with catastrophic consequences. The unique design of the Lee Cartridge Screen is engineered to prevent a rupture and instead allow a gradual reduction in flow performance. The screens are constructed of all stainless steel and are designed to slip into a drilled flat bottom hole and be retained by a secondary means. They are available in a range of micron ratings from 40 to 170 microns.

Key Product Facts
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Micron ratings from 40 to 170 microns
Part Numbers
SCRM7551040S, SCRM7551075S, SCRM7551125S, SCRM7551170S

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