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500 Stainless Steel Dual Sealing A.F.O.® Plug

The .500-20 stainless steel dual sealing A.F.O. is a thread retained plug designed to apply Axial Force Only on the installation hole, allowing for minimal wall thickness. It utilizes a metal to metal seal for high pressure applications and also incorporates an O-ring for venting or charging. Pressure can be vented out of a side port to remove air from a hydraulic system or safely release trapped gas. A.F.O. plugs are both removable and reuseable, providing easy access to sealed passageways. They feature a unique floating seal that self-aligns to allow for threaded holes that are not perfectly concentric with the thru-hole. And, the sealing elements resist rotation during installation, which prevents galling of the seat.

Key Product Facts
  • Dual sealing for venting or charging.
  • Seals up to 54,000 psi closed (372 Mpa) and 1,500 psi open (10 Mpa).
  • Reuseable, allowing easy access to sealed passageways.
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