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Pressure Relief Valves

558 Series Pressure Relief Valve

IMH 558 Series Pressure Relief Valves are 5.5mm diameter threadless, cartridge-style valves designed for installation into metal manifolds. The valves use The Lee Company’s field-proven insert principle that provides secure retention without the need for threads, O-rings or sealants. The valves are all stainless steel construction with a high-quality metal to metal seat providing low leakage and long life. The valves guided ball design ensures fast response, low hysteresis and highly repeatable cracking pressures.

Key Product Facts
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Free Flow Lohm Rate: 250 Lohms
  • Guided Ball Design
  • 100% Performance Tested
  • Innovative Locking End
Part Numbers
PCFM2550210S, PCFM2550215S, PCFM2550220S, PCFM2550225S, PCFM2550230S, PCFM2550235S, PCFM2550240S, PCFM2550240S, PCFM2550250S, PCFM2550255S, PCRM2550210S, PCRM2550215S, PCRM2550220S, PCRM2550225S, PCRM2550230S, PCRM2550235S, PCRM2550240S, PCRM2550250S, PCRM2550255S
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