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Pressure Relief Valves

687 PRV

This miniature pressure relief valve is packaged in a Line Removable Unit (LRU) for ease of installation and extraction. This valve is ideally suited for hydraulic applications where a fast opening safety relief valve is needed to prevent system damage from pressure spikes. Minimum cracking pressures are available from 400 thru 3,600 psid. An intergral safety screen is available.

Key Product Facts
  • Weighs only 38 grams (Screened Version 39 grams)
  • Relief Flow Lohm Rate: 230 Lohms max (Screened Version 300 Lohms max)
  • Rated for Operating Pressure up to 3,000 psi
Part Numbers
PRVA0687140D, PRVA0687160D, PRVA0687112H, PRVA0687116H, PRVA0687122H, PRVA0687126H, PRVA0687132H, PRVA0687136H, PRVA0687340D, PRVA0687360D, PRVA0687312H, PRVA0687316H, PRVA0687322H, PRVA0687326H, PRVA0687332H, PRVA0687336H

CAD Envelopes

CAD Envelope
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