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Safety Screen Filters

HI-BAR® Safety Screen, MJ12 Boss Mount, 15-5PH

Lee HI-BAR Safety Screens are machined from solid stainless steel bar stock. Individually drilled and deburred by proprietary manufacturing processes, these safety screens feature an extremely robust, one-piece design without joints or seams. Machined entirely from 15-5PH stainless steel, this combination of features results in a high strength screen that can withstand burst and collapse pressures up to 7,500 psid. Lee HI-BAR safety screens are available in a wide range of standard hole sizes from 50 to 500 micron. Lee metric Boss Mount HI-BAR Safety Screens incorporate an easy to install threaded design and are available in seven sizes ranging from 10mm to 22mm threads.

Key Product Facts
  • Strong, one-piece screen with easy to install boss mounted design
  • Burst/Collapse pressures up to 7500 psid
  • Wide range of standard hole sizes from 50 to 500 micron
Part Numbers
FSHB1203105A, FSHB1203107A, FSHB1203110A, FSHB1203115A, FSHB1203120A, FSHB1203125A, FSHB1203140A, FSHB1203150A

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