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Pressure Relief Valves


Overview: Side Exit, Threaded, High Flow, Pressure Relief Valve 

Description: This high flow pressure relief valve is packaged in a Line Removable Unit (LRU) for ease of installation and extraction. This valve is ideally suited for hydraulic applications where a high flow, high cracking pressure relief valve is needed to prevent system damage from pressure spikes. Minimum cracking pressures are available from 1,000 thru 5,400 psid.

  • Weighs only 200 grams
  • Relief Flow Lohm Rate: 75 Lohms max
  • Rated for Operating Pressure up to 5,000 psi
CAD Envelopes:
Part Numbers:
PRVA0812010H, PRVA0812012H, PRVA0812014H, PRVA0812022H, PRVA0812024H, PRVA0812032H, PRVA0812034H, PRVA0812042H, PRVA0812044H, PRVA0812052H, PRVA0812054H
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