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Orifice In Male to Female Luer For Liquids

Overview: Screened Orifice in a Male to Female Luer for use with Liquids

Description: Lee’s highly accurate, miniature restrictor for liquids is preinstalled in a male to female luer adaptor and features an integral safety screen to protect the orifice from contamination. Ideal for medical applications, the orifice and screen are all 300 Series stainless steel and the adaptor is made out of medical grade polypropylene. The orifices are all 100% flow tested on distilled water to ensure each part is within ±5% of its nominal flow rate.

  • Integral Safety Screen Blocks Rogue Contamination
  • 100% Flow Tested For Accurate, Consistent Performance
  • Ideal for Medical Applications
Part Numbers:
RESM0505000S, RESM0505500S, RESM0506000S, RESM0506500S, RESM0507000S, RESM0507500S, RESM0508000S, RESM0508500S, RESM0509000S, RESM0509500S, RESM0510000S, RESM0515000S, RESM0520000S, RESM0525000S, RESM0530000S, RESM0535000S, RESM0540000S, RESM0545000S
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