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120 Series Solenoid Valves

The World's Smallest Solenoid Valve

The Lee Series 120 Solenoid Valve is a 2-way, ultra-miniature, magnetically latched solenoid valve ideal for compact battery-powered pneumatic applications such as air piloting, lab automation (lab-on-a-chip), and other miniature, power-sensitive markets such as fuel cells or for R&D proof of concept projects.

The Series 120 valve sets a new industry standard in reducing space, weight and power consumption. Measuring just 0.4" long, the valve weighs 300 mg and requires only 1.8 mJ/switch.


Unless otherwise specified, dimensions are in inches [mm]. Drawings are not to scale.

General Specifications

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Part Number
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Flow Media air; compatible gases
Operating Voltage 5 Vdc; 1ms pulse to switch (1.8 mJ/switch)
Flow Capacity (air) 5000 Lohms (1 SLPM @ 5 psid)
Operating Pressure Vac-15 psig (0-5 psid)
Coil Resistance 14 Ohms at 70°F ( 21°C)
Weight 300 mg
Leakage 1 SCCM (max) at 5 psid
Max Frequency 10 Hz
Ported Style connection to 0.042" ID soft tubing
Wetted Materials PPS (housing), ceramic (magnet),
430 SS (flow ports & shield), epoxy

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