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Lee Restrictor Master Sets

Master Sets are convenient sets of interchangeable Lee restrictors calibrated to tight test tolerances for use in hydraulic design evaluations. There are four different master sets available: the Lee Jet Master Set, the High Watt Jet Master Set, the Visco Jet Master Set and the Microjet Master Set.

Master sets contain a wide range of calibrated restrictors in individually marked vials along with installation and extraction tool sets and procedures and extra pins or o-rings. The Lee Jet, High Watt Jet and Visco Jet Master Sets also include two each of Lee "B" and "C" unions for line mount applications.

Lee Jet, High Watt Jet and Visco Jet Master Sets are bidirectionally calibrated and marked with the actual Lohm rate (±1% for Jet and High Watts, ±5% for Visco Jets). Lee Micro Jet Master Sets are calibrated unidirectionally (±2%) and supplied with actual Lohm rates on a data sheet. All Lee restrictors are readily installed and removed from hydraulic manifolds.