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Lee Visco Jets

The Principle Behind The Unique Lee Visco Jet Performance

The Visco Jet consists basically of three discs mounted one upon the other to form an extremely complex fluid passage. Fluid enters at the center of one disc and passes through a slot which is tangential to a spin chamber. This discharges through a small center hole into another chamber. This process repeats over and over. Since the spinning liquid makes many revolutions in each spin chamber, the resulting fluid resistance uses the flow passage surfaces many times. The tangential nature of the slots overcomes sensitivity to viscosity. The centrifugal force of the liquid maintains a back pressure on the discharge of the slot which is proportional to the square of the RPM of the spinning liquid. This provides a reasonable degree of viscosity compensation without the use of any moving parts.

Some Lee Visco Jets are made from solid stainless steel discs, while others are fabricated from photo-etched stainless steel plates which are bonded together to produce a homogeneous leakproof product. All Visco elements are rigidly and permanently retained in their respective inserts, cartridges, or line mounts. Standard Lee Visco Jets are calibrated to the noted Lohm ratings in both directions.

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