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Product Certifications

We send our customers a "Certificate of Compliance" with every shipment of parts (except prototypes) that states that the parts meet all the requirements of our inspection drawing. The various types of other "certs" that we can send at nominal cost are:

  1. Regular Certs – used for routine shipments of Lee products
  2. Mercury Free Certs – states that our products do not contain the element mercury
  3. Process Certs – states that a process (such as brazing) was performed according to a particular specification
  4. Material Certs – states the particular heat number of materials used to make the product and includes a reporting of chemical and physical laboratory analysis of the materials
  5. Performance Certs – states that our test results meet the requirements of our inspection drawing. Often the parts are marked with serial number, and the test data is recorded for each part
  6. Annual Certs – used for those customers who prefer one yearly certification rather than a separate document with every shipment
  7. Cleanliness Certs – states that our parts have been cleaned and packaged to meet requirements according to an agreed upon specification