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250 Series Solenoid Valve

The Lee Company’s new 250 Series Solenoid Valve sets a new standard in reducing space, weight and power consumption. Designed for 28 volt systems, this 2 position, 3-way miniature piloting solenoid valve features Lee’s field proven Piloting Solenoid coil, as well as Lee’s unique and patented MultiSeal™ technology. The one-piece MultiSeal provides reliable sealing both axially and radially, minimizing the size of the hydraulic interface. It’s omni-directional design allows porting flexibility without the need for O-Rings or anti-Extrusion Rings.

This new 250 Series Solenoid Valve is available in both single and dual coil, as well as normally open and normally closed models. The single coil valve weighs only 0.14 pounds and consumes just 7.8 watts at 28 Vdc.