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Lo-Lohm Latching 3-Port HDI Solenoid Valve

The Lee Company continues to expand its High Density Interface (HDI) solenoid valve platform by combining the high flow capabilities of the Lo-Lohm design with the power savings of our Latching design, all within a compact footprint. After supplying only a momentary (10 ms minimum) voltage pulse, this magnetically-latched solenoid valve will hold its flow state until a follow-on momentary voltage pulse (with reverse polarity) is applied to switch its flow direction. Aside from the momentary pulse, no power is consumed while maintaining each flow state.

This ultra-low heat and low power 3-port valve is optimized for compact, battery powered instruments such as portable respiratory therapy devices, molecular diagnostic instruments, environmental gas samplers and other OEM flow switching devices where high flow capacity, low power and small size are critical.