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How do Lee Control Valves Benefit Metabolic Monitors?


Indirect calorimetry is an indispensable technique utilized in various clinical settings. This measurement method uses metabolic testing to quantify energy expenditure by measuring O2 consumed and CO2 produced (i.e. VO2 exchange). Metabolic testing is also used in sports medicine to optimize athletic performance and prevent injury. While metabolic monitors are typically cart-based devices, there is an increased demand for wearable devices that can monitor athletes in the conditions and environments of their sports. The challenge to measure VO2 exchange without affecting athletes’ movements requires portable monitoring systems with miniature solenoid valves that are rugged, reliable, and consume very little power.


The Lee Company’s extensive offering of miniature 2-way and 3-way control solenoid valves are ideal for metabolic monitor designers looking for solenoid valves to feed sensors, mix gases, and vent to atmosphere. Several standard options for drive voltage, seal material, and mounting are available to facilitate easy integration into new and existing platforms. Though small in size, our High Density Interface (HDI®) solenoid valves offer many advantages, including ultra-low power consumption, minimal leakage, and extremely long cycle life.

The Lee Company's control solenoid valves.


The compact size, light weight, and ultra-low power consumption of Lee HDI solenoid valves enable portable monitors to be minimally obtrusive and offer full freedom of movement during performance testing. The HDI’s high flow capacity allows for fast system venting and feeding of O2 and CO2 sensors, which is important in breath-by-breath gas sampling as athletes near their peak rate of respiration. Systems utilizing mixing chambers achieve greater measurement accuracy with HDI valves due to their low leakage. HDI valves have an outstanding pedigree of long service life in varied and extreme conditions, which makes them well suited for use by top athletes engaged in strenuous activity.



In medical and research environments, HDI solenoid valves are used in larger cart-based metabolic monitors where, in addition to the functions performed in portable monitors (such as venting and gas sampling), they also support O2 and CO2 sensor calibration. Pulmonary function testing devices, from basic spirometry to body plethysmography, are often integrated with metabolic cart-based monitors.



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