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Flow Restrictors

156 Lee Jet® Restrictor

The 156 Jet is a small, economical, and accurate single orifice restrictor. Each Jet contains a calibrated orifice, two matched safety screens so you can flow in both directions, and the reliable locking and sealing device adapted from Lee Plugs, which has been accepted for years as the best way to seal drilled holes. Quick and easy installation eliminates costly assemblies, seals, threads, flow testing and filter design. The Lee Company 100% flow tests all Lee Jets to two standard tolerances, +/-2% and +/-5%. With a maximum working pressure of 3000 PSID, 156 Lee Jets are available in a wide range of Lohm rates from 3000 to 30,000 Lohms.

Key Product Facts
  • Simple, economical, single orifice restrictor in compact 0.156” diameter body
  • 100% bidirectional flow test with a wide range of Lohm rates from 3,000 to 30,000 Lohms
  • Two matched screens to protect the orifice for bidirectional flow
Part Numbers
JETA1562300D, JETA1565300D, JETA1562320D, JETA1565320D, JETA1562340D, JETA1565340D, JETA1562360D, JETA1565360D, JETA1562380D, JETA1565380D, JETA1562400D, JETA1565400D, JETA1562430D, JETA1565430D, JETA1562460D, JETA1565460D, JETA1562500D, JETA1565500D, JETA1562550D, JETA1565550D, JETA1562600D, JETA1565600D, JETA1562650D, JETA1565650D, JETA1562700D, JETA1565700D, JETA1562750D, JETA1565750D, JETA1562800D, JETA1565800D, JETA1562850D, JETA1565850D, JETA1562900D, JETA1565900D, JETA1562950D, JETA1565950D, JETA1562100H, JETA1565100H, JETA1562110H, JETA1565110H, JETA1562120H, JETA1565120H, JETA1562130H, JETA1565130H, JETA1562140H, JETA1565140H, JETA1562150H, JETA1565150H, JETA1562160H, JETA1565160H, JETA1562170H, JETA1565170H, JETA1562180H, JETA1565180H, JETA1562190H, JETA1565190H, JETA1562200H, JETA1565200H, JETA1562220H, JETA1565220H, JETA1562240H, JETA1565240H, JETA1562260H, JETA1565260H, JETA1562280H, JETA1565280H, JETA1562300H, JETA1565300H

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