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281 MP35N Lee Plug®

This member of our classic Lee Plug® family is made from MP35N, a NACE-compliant nickel-cobalt alloy that provides excellent corrosion resistance for harsh-duty applications found in the oil and gas industry. Lee plugs continue to be the simplest, most successful method for sealing cross-drilled holes. Upon installation of the pin, controlled expansion causes the lands and grooves of the plug to “bite” into the surrounding material, forming independent seals and retaining rings. Sizes range from 0.093 to 0.343 inches.

Key Product Facts
  • Plug Diameter:0.281 inches
  • Max. Sealable Passageway Diameter:0.250 inches
  • Proof Pressure:30,000 psi
  • Plug Material:MP35N
  • Housing Material:Inconel, MP35N, or Stainless Steel

Product Information

General Performance

30,000 psi Proof Pressure

Pin MP35N Chemistry per AMS 5844 and heat treat per NACE MR0175 Wax
Plug MP35N Chemistry per AMS 5844 and heat treat per NACE MR0175 -
Electrical Operation

For dimensions, please refer to the Part Numbers & Specifications tab.

Part Numbers & Specifications

This table below contains the part numbers and technical specifications for this product. If you have specific questions, need a quote, or would like to request a handbook or drawing, click the red request button in the column on the far right.

Image Specifications
Dimensional View
Installation Hole Details
Part Numbers & Specifications
Part Number Size D Max. D Min. C Nom. M Nom. K Nom. L Nom. A Min. N Dia. Ref. W Min. Ream Dia. Request Information
PLGA2811350A Long 0.2812 0.2803 0.37 0.34 0.245 0.28 0.36 0.25 0.06 0.2812-0.2817 Request
All dimensions are in inches. This information is for reference only.

Installation & Accessories

Replacement Parts & Accessories
Part Number Description
CUTA2810203A Installation Tool Set
CUTA2810113B Extraction Tool Set
CUTA2811103A Gauge

CAD Envelopes

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