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LPL Series Fixed Volume Dispense Pumps

This miniature (16 mm), solenoid-driven fixed volume dispense pump is available in 50 µL standard models, with other dispense volumes available upon request. Featuring a compact, chemically inert, self-priming design, this pump aspirates an accurate volume of fluid when the solenoid is energized and dispenses the full volume of fluid when de-energized. Integrated check valves, together with a unique housing design and diaphragm seal, prevent siphoning when the dispense point is positioned above the fluid reservoir. Each pump is customizable and 100% tested to ensure performance.

Key Product Facts
  • Dispense Volume:50 µL
  • Fluidic Interface:Manifold mount or 1/16” ID soft tubing
  • Chemically Inert Materials
  • Low Power Consumption:As low as 3 W
  • Self-Priming Anti-Siphoning Design

Product Information

General Specifications
Characteristic Specification
Power 3 W
Max Dispensing Frequency1 2 Hz
Head Pressure Range2 ± 30 Inches of Water
Max Case Pressure 5 psig
Cycle Life3 10 M Cycles Min
Operating Temperature EPDM: 30°F to 120°F (-1°C to 49°C)
FKM: 45°F to 120°F (7°C to 49°C)
Max Internal Coil Temperature4 200°F (90°C)
Storage Conditions5 Temperature: -40°F to 175°F (-40°C to 80°C)
Relative Humidity: 85% Max, Non-Condensing
Filtration 35 Microns or Finer
1Maximum water dispense frequency. Operating the pumps at higher frequencies will affect dispense accuracy and life expectancy. Response times are dependent upon system conditions and will typically increase as operating temperature decreases. Extended periods of inactivity may also have an impact on the initial response time of the pump.
2The pumps will operate within the specific pressure range when supplied with the rated voltage ±5%. Variations in pressure due to head or restriction can affect dispense volume accuracy.
3Typical cycle life on water. Cycle life is dependent on system conditions and may vary by application.
4Pumps are rated for 50% maximum electrical duty cycle. To ensure solenoid coil temperatures remain within specification, further energized time or duty cycle limitations may be required. Contact The Lee Company for recommendations specific to your application.
5Pumps should be stored completely wet or completely dried with nitrogen before prolonged periods of inactivity to avoid elastomeric stiction.
Wetted Materials
Component Material
Port Head PEEK
Seal, O-rings, & Integrated Check Valves EPDM or FKM
Performance Graphs
Cross Section View
Dimensional View
Mounting Details & Port Configuration

Part Numbers & Specifications

This table below contains the part numbers and technical specifications for this product. If you have specific questions, need a quote, or would like to request a handbook or drawing, click the red request button in the column on the far right.

Part Numbers & Specifications
SEAL MATERIALS Request Information
LPLA1250650L 12 50 ±6 3 2 FKM Request
LPLA2450650L 24 50 ±6 3 2 FKM Request
LPLA1251650L 12 50 ±6 3 2 EPDM Request
LPLA2451650L 24 50 ±6 3 2 EPDM Request

Installation & Accessories

Accessories View
Replacement Parts & Accessories
LSWX0508430A O-ring: FKM (Black)
LSWX0508440A O-ring: EPDM (Black)
LSWX0504300A Electrical Lead Wire Connector, 6" (152 mm)
LSWX0606700A Electrical Lead Wire Connector, 24" (610 mm)
LSMX0517210B* PEEK Manifold Adapter for Connection to ¼-28 Ports
*Standard manifold adapters are available to ease prototype setup. Refer to the accessories view for a 2D view. Manifold adapter part numbers are for the manifold and mounting screws only; pumps are not included and are sold separately. PMMA manifold adapters are not listed but are readily available. Alternate materials and customized manifold designs with pumps fully mounted and tested as an assembly are also available upon request.

CAD Envelopes

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