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Flow Restrictors

Micro Damp Visco Multi-Orifice Snubber

This snubber has been designed to provide pressure surge protection for hydraulic pressure transmitters, pressure switches, and pressure gauges as required by AS 5440. The Micro Damp Visco Multi-Orifice Snubber operates at system pressures of up to 8000 psid and is small enough that it can be incorporated directly into the sensing port of a pressure transducer. The envelope is 0.125 inches in diameter and 0.32 to 0.50 inches long, depending on the Lohm rate required.

Key Product Facts
  • Type:Multi-Orifice
  • Diameter:0.125 inches
  • Metered Flow Range:11,200 to 313,000 Lohms
  • Test Fluid:Water
  • Operating Pressures:Up to 8000 psi

Product Information

General Performance
Characteristic Specification
Lohm Rate Tolerance ± 10%
Maximum Working Pressure 8000 psid
Nominal Weight 0.4 grams
Total Screen Area 0.005 in2
Screen Open Area 0.0009 in2
Screen Hole Size 0.004 in
Body 304L CRES AMS QQ-S-763
Pin 17-4PH CRES AMS 5643
Visco Stack 304L CRES ASTM A 666
Spacers 304L CRES QQ-S-763
Screens 304L CRES ASTM A 666
Braze - AMS 4774
Finish: All CRES Parts Passivated
Pins are prewaxed. Do not degrease. Do not lubricate.
Dimensional View
Installation Hole Details

Part Numbers & Specifications

This table below contains the part numbers and technical specifications for this product. If you have specific questions, need a quote, or would like to request a handbook or drawing, click the red request button in the column on the far right.

Part Numbers & Specifications
PART NUMBER LOHM RATE ± 10% Minimum Passage Size (in) Request Information
VHSA1240112H 11,200 0.015 Request
VHSA1240162H 16,200 0.015 Request
VHSA1230176H 17,600 0.01 Request
VHSA1230240H 24,000 0.01 Request
VHSA1230330H 33,000 0.01 Request
VHSA1230410H 41,000 0.01 Request
VHSA1220800H 80,000 0.007 Request
VHSA1210145K 145,000 0.005 Request
VHSA1210198K 198,000 0.005 Request
VHSA1210243K 243,000 0.005 Request
VHSA1210280K 280,000 0.005 Request
VHSA1210313K 313,000 0.005 Request

Installation & Accessories

Replacement Parts & Accessories
Part Number Description
CUTA1250306C Installation / Extraction Tool Set

CAD Envelopes

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