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5.5 mm Insert Air Bleed Orifice

Overview: 5.5 mm Insert Style Air Bleed Orifice With A Integral Safety Screen

Description: The 5.5mm Air Bleed Orifice is a novel solution to removing trapped air in hydraulic systems while keeping hydraulic losses to a minimum. Utilizing a small precision flow orifice, the Air Bleed Orifice allows trapped air to escape but is small enough to restrict most hydraulic flow, minimizing system losses. The Air Bleed Orifice also features an integrated safety screen for contamination protection and uses The Lee Companies field-proven insert principle that provides secure retention without the need for threads, O-rings or sealants.

  • Integral Safety Screen
  • 100% Flow Tested
  • Removes Trapped Air
  • Reduces System Losses by up to 99% vs. the traditional method utilizing a small drilled hole
  • Innovative Locking End
  • Diameter
    5.5 mm
Part Numbers:
RHGR4030100S, RHGR4030180S, RHGF4030100S, RHGF4030180S
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