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Flow Restrictors


Lee 5K JEVA’s are multi-orifice restrictors that incorporate a high pressure locking end and all stainless steel construction, making it suitable for working pressure differentials up to 5,000 psi. Incorporating a restrictor element that includes slots and spin chambers, the complex fluid passage provides a reasonable degree of viscosity compensation without the use of any moving parts. In addition, the multi-orifice configuration provides a greater minimum passage for a given restriction and is better suited to handle much higher levels of contamination. Also, the fluid velocity is reduced by the series of restrictions, thus reducing the chances of cavitation. With robust screens protecting for bidirectional flow, Lee 5K JEVA’s are available calibrated to a ±5% tolerance and are offered in a wide range of Lohm rates from 3,520 to 313,000 Lohms.

Key Product Facts
  • High pressure (5,000 psi), 0.187" diameter multi-orifice restrictor with a large minimum passage size for increased resistance to clogging from contamination
  • Provides a reasonable degree of viscosity compensation without the use of any moving parts
  • Multiple orifices in series reduces the possibility of cavitation
Part Numbers
JHVA1855352D, JHVA1855370D, JHVA1855389D, JHVA1855408D, JHVA1855428D, JHVA1855450D, JHVA1855472D, JHVA1855496D, JHVA1855521D, JHVA1855547D, JHVA1855574D, JHVA1855603D, JHVA1855633D, JHVA1855665D, JHVA1855698D, JHVA1855733D, JHVA1845769D, JHVA1845808D, JHVA1845848D, JHVA1845890D, JHVA1845935D, JHVA1845982D, JHVA1845103H, JHVA1845108H, JHVA1845114H, JHVA1845119H, JHVA1845125H, JHVA1845132H, JHVA1845138H, JHVA1845145H, JHVA1845152H, JHVA1845160H, JHVA1845168H, JHVA1845176H, JHVA1835185H, JHVA1835194H, JHVA1835204H, JHVA1835214H, JHVA1835225H, JHVA1835236H, JHVA1835248H, JHVA1835260H, JHVA1835273H, JHVA1835287H, JHVA1835302H, JHVA1835316H, JHVA1835332H, JHVA1835349H, JHVA1835366H, JHVA1835385H, JHVA1835404H, JHVA1835424H, JHVA1835446H, JHVA1835468H, JHVA1825491H, JHVA1825516H, JHVA1825542H, JHVA1825569H, JHVA1825597H, JHVA1825627H, JHVA1825658H, JHVA1825691H, JHVA1825726H, JHVA1825762H, JHVA1825800H, JHVA1825840H, JHVA1825882H, JHVA1825926H, JHVA1825972H, JHVA1825102K, JHVA1825107K, JHVA1825113K, JHVA1825118K, JHVA1825124K, JHVA1825130K, JHVA1815137K, JHVA1815144K, JHVA1815151K, JHVA1815158K, JHVA1815166K, JHVA1815175K, JHVA1815183K, JHVA1815193K, JHVA1815202K, JHVA1815212K, JHVA1815223K, JHVA1815234K, JHVA1815246K, JHVA1815258K, JHVA1815271K, JHVA1815284K, JHVA1815299K, JHVA1815313K

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