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Flow Restrictors

Axial Visco Jet® Restrictor, 2501 Long

Axial Visco Jets incorporate multiple, spinner orifice discs in series to increase restriction or Lohm rate. Spinner discs alternately reverse the direction of spin of the fluid. The result is a larger passage size for a given Lohm rate. Rugged screens protect the orifice in both flow directions. Axial Visco Jets are available calibrated to a ±5% tolerance in the 4800 to 11,000 Lohm range.

Key Product Facts
  • Multi-orifice restrictor with a large minimum passage size for increased resistance to clogging from contamination
  • Multiple orifices in series reduces the possibility of cavitation
  • 100% bidirectional flow test with Lohm rates ranging from 680 to 11,000 Lohms
Part Numbers
VXCA2501480D, VXCA2501620D, VXCA2501740D, VXCA2501840D, VXCA2501980D, VXCA2501110H

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