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Solenoid Valves

LFN Series 2-Way Isolation Solenoid Valve

This small (7 mm), 2/2, normally closed, bidirectional, low power valve features a media-separating diaphragm and chemically inert materials. It offers minimal internal volume, zero dead volume, fast response times, and excellent flushing to reduce reagent consumption. It is ideal for diagnostics and a variety of other medical and scientific applications, particularly when multiple valves are needed in extremely tight spaces. Each valve is customizable (higher pressure, etc.) and 100% tested to ensure performance.

Key Product Facts
  • Zero Dead Volume & Low Internal Volume:9 µL
  • Low Power:900 mW
  • Lightweight:6 grams
  • Lohm Rate:2500 Lohms (Cv = 0.008)
  • Operating Pressure:Vacuum – 30 psig

Product Information

General Specifications
Characteristic Specification
Operating Pressure Vac - 30 psig
Cycle Life* 10 M Cycles Min
Recommended Filtration 35 Microns or Finer
Response Time** 20 ms Max
Operating Temperature 40°F to 120°F (4°C to 49°C)
Max Coil Temperature*** 170°F (77°C)
Storage Conditions Temperature: -40°F to 175°F (-40°C to 80°C)
Relative Humidity: 85% Max, Non-Condensing
Weight 6 grams
Internal Volume 9 µl
Configuration Flange Mount
*Typical cycle life on water; actual cycle life will vary depending on application conditions.
**Typical response time based on air flow at 10 psig, 2 Hz, 68°F. Response times are application dependent and can be enhanced with the use of high speed drive circuits.
***To ensure solenoid coil temperatures remain within specification, duty cycle limitations may be required. Contact The Lee Company for recommendations specific to your application.
Component Material
Port Head PEEK
Diaphragm Seal and Gasket FKM, EPDM or FFKM
Flow Curve
Cross Section View
Dimensional View
Mounting Details

Part Numbers & Specifications

This table below contains the part numbers and technical specifications for this product. If you have specific questions, need a quote, or would like to request a handbook or drawing, click the red request button in the column on the far right.

Part Numbers & Specifications
LFNA1250125H 12 Vacuum - 30 2500 Lohms (0.008) 900 FKM Request
LFNA2450125H 24 Vacuum - 30 2500 Lohms (0.008) 900 FKM Request
LFNA1250225H 12 Vacuum - 30 2500 Lohms (0.008) 900 EPDM Request
LFNA2450225H 24 Vacuum - 30 2500 Lohms (0.008) 900 EPDM Request
LFNA1250427H 12 Vacuum - 30 2700 Lohms (0.007) 900 FFKM Request
LFNA2450427H 24 Vacuum - 30 2700 Lohms (0.007) 900 FFKM Request
*Reference the flow curve under the product information tab for flow rate at varying pressures.

Installation & Accessories

Accessories View
Replacement Parts & Accessories
LSWX0503110A Mounting Screw (#1-64 x 0.1875")
LSWX0508170A Gasket (EPDM)
LSWX0508200A Gasket (FKM)
LSWX0508290A Gasket (FFKM)
LSWX0609060A Lead Wire Connector, 6" Long
LSMX0509700B* Manifold, 1x, PEEK
LSMX0509520B* Manifold, 2x, PEEK
LSMX0509530B* Manifold, 3x, PEEK
LSMX0509540B* Manifold, 4x, PEEK
LSMX0509550B* Manifold, 5x, PEEK
Several standard manifolds are available to ease prototype setup, including single valve (1x) manifolds through five (5x) valve positions per manifold. Manifold part numbers include the manifold and mounting screws only. All solenoid valves are sold separately. Alternate materials and customized manifold designs are available upon request.
*Manifold has a shared header line which interconnects one port of each valve. There is an individual 062 Minstac connection to the second port of each valve. PMMA versions of these manifolds are not listed but are also readily available.

CAD Envelopes

CAD Envelope
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