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Field-Proven Fluid Control Products Help to Propel EOI Space into VLEO

EOI Space is deploying a unique constellation of 60 ultra-high-resolution satellites into very low Earth orbit (VLEO) to provide resilient Earth imaging and uninterrupted coverage to government and commercial customers. High costs and long lead times typically required to manufacture custom satellite components threatened mission timelines.


EOI Space’s Stingray commercial satellite constellation will be the first U.S.-based commercial operator to fly in VLEO to deliver high resolution Earth intelligence. When evaluating precision fluid control component suppliers, EOI Space knew they needed to use commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) parts where possible to build and launch their proliferated constellation in months – not years – and for a fraction of the cost of traditional builds. They required a partner with industry-specific expertise, field-proven products, and the capability to deliver adjustments from standard parts to tailor components to various common system requirements. As a global leader in miniature fluid control technology for over 75 years, The Lee Company emerged as the ideal solution.

The Lee Company is not just a supplier – they’re a strategic partner. From the beginning, their team has been impeccably organized and responsive, providing thorough documentation and expert guidance throughout the process. We see many opportunities to grow our relationship as we inevitably iterate and improve upon every one of our Stingray satellites.

Christopher Thein
CEO, EOI Space


The Lee Company’s degreed Sales Engineers provided guidance to EOI Space based on our unique understanding of their requirements, collaborating with their engineers from initial product selection to implementation. Since Lee products serve a wide variety of applications and industries, EOI Space could select from our expansive catalog of fluid control components successfully proven for use in similar environments.

From solenoid valves isolating the high-pressure propellant tank and regulating the low-pressure flow to restrictors that precisely proportion flow, EOI Space utilized many off the shelf Lee components to optimize their propulsion system.





Our High Speed In-Line Solenoid Valve (center) is ideal for applications in SmallSat and CubeSat propulsion, acting either as a thruster or for fuel metering in gas feed systems. The Lee JEVA (top) and 43 Series Visco Jet® Restrictor (bottom) help to provide tighter tolerances and precise flow targets. Their multi-orifice design mitigates the risk of clogging compared to single-orifice elements.

High speed in line solenoid valve, lee jeva, and 43 series visco jet restrictor the lee company

Zero Leak Pneumatic Solenoid Valve EOI Space The Lee Company





Zero Leak Pneumatic Solenoid Valves draw upon the design elements of our field-tested line of piloting solenoid valves, historically recognized for their use within aircraft, weapon, launch vehicle, and satellite systems.

The Lee Company’s expansive product line and reliable COTS parts helped to streamline procurement to accommodate accelerated manufacturing timelines. By purchasing standard parts, EOI Space was also able to reduce design complexity and accelerate in-house testing. Each Lee component is 100% tested for reliable performance without variation. Standard Lee products can be customized to meet specific pressure, flow, voltage, restriction, and material compatibility requirements. We are also able to modify standard products to expand capabilities without jeopardizing product availability, extending lead times, or dramatically increasing costs.

Our in-depth experience helped EOI Space feel confident in the life and performance of all Lee products helping to propel their Stingray satellites. Standard Lee parts are designed for as many cycles as possible – whether thousands or millions. Components in this application were proven for even higher demand usage/cycle life than needed for EOI Space’s initial mission, providing reliable on-orbit performance to support any timeline.

The Lee Company is extremely proud to play a part in EOI Space’s revolutionary mission to provide accessible, high resolution Earth intelligence via their Stingray constellation. We look forward to continuing our partnership and providing field-proven precision fluid control components to help propel their satellites into VLEO. 



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