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Flow Restrictors

Kilowatt Jet

Lee Kilowatt Jets are single orifice restrictors that provide accurate, screened, bidirectional flow in the 90 to 200 Lohm range. The integral screens are machined and drilled from bar stock for maximum strength and erosion resistance. Due to their rugged construction, they can readily withstand the high power dissipation that is often associated with high flow, or low Lohm applications. Lee High Watt Jets are rated for 3000 PSID working pressure and are available in +/-5% Lohm rate tolerances.

Key Product Facts
  • Robust, single orifice restrictor suited for very high flow or low Lohm rates in a 0.281” diameter body
  • 100% bidirectional flow test with Lohm rates ranging from 90 to 200 Lohms
  • Rugged, machine drilled screens to handle high flow applications
Part Numbers
JEKA2815090L, JEKA2815110L, JEKA2815130L, JEKA2815150L, JEKA2815175L, JEKA2815200L

CAD Envelopes

CAD Envelope
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