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Solenoid Valves

LHD Series 2-Way Control Solenoid Valves

LHD Series valves are compact, 7 mm conventional control solenoid valves intended for applications flowing air or gas. Available as a 2-port or 3-port design in various mounting styles, they are easily manifold mounted or soft tube connected, making them the perfect solution for applications where a large number of valves must be designed into the smallest space possible. A wide range of models are available within this series, with flow rates ranging up to 18 SLPM at 15 psig, and power as low as 310 mW.

Key Product Facts
  • Small Size (7 mm) & Lightweight (as low as 2.5g)
  • Low Power: as low as 310 mW (at hold voltage)
  • Low Leakage: <50 µLPM across life (air)
  • Extremely Long Cycle Life
  • Low Internal Volume
Part Numbers
LHDA0511111H, LHDA0511211H, LHDA0511311H, LHDA0511411H, LHDA0521111H, LHDA0521211H, LHDA0521311H, LHDA0521411H, LHDA0523112H, LHDA0523212H, LHDA0523312H, LHDA0523412H, LHDA0531115H, LHDA0531215H, LHDA0531315H, LHDA0531415H, LHDA0533115H, LHDA0533215H, LHDA0533315H, LHDA0533415H, LHDA0560245D, LHDA0560365D, LHDA0570290D, LHDA1211111H, LHDA1211211H, LHDA1211311H, LHDA1211411H, LHDA1221111H, LHDA1221211H, LHDA1221311H, LHDA1221411H, LHDA1223111H, LHDA1223211H, LHDA1223311H, LHDA1223411H, LHDA1231115H, LHDA1231215H, LHDA1231315H, LHDA1231415H, LHDA1233115H, LHDA1233215H, LHDA1233315H, LHDA1233415H, LHDA1260245D, LHDA1260365D, LHDA1270290D, LHDA2411111H, LHDA2411211H, LHDA2411311H, LHDA2411411H, LHDA2421111H, LHDA2421211H, LHDA2421311H, LHDA2421411H, LHDA2423111H, LHDA2423211H, LHDA2423311H, LHDA2423411H, LHDA2431115H, LHDA2431215H, LHDA2431315H, LHDA2431415H, LHDA2433115H, LHDA2433215H, LHDA2433315H, LHDA2433415H, LHDB0313155D, LHDB0313255D, LHDB0323180D, LHDB0323280D, LHDB0333180D, LHDB0333280D, LHDB0342115H, LHDB0352115H, LHDB0442145D, LHDB0442245D, LHDB0542115H, LHDB0552115H, LHDB0613155D, LHDB0613255D, LHDB0623180D, LHDB0623280D, LHDB0633180D, LHDB0633280D, LHDB0942145D, LHDB0942245D, LHDB1242115H, LHDB1252115H
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