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Solenoid Valves

LHQ Series 3-Way Control Solenoid Valves

LHQ Series valves are compact, 7 mm quiet operation control solenoid valves that feature whisper technology to reduce actuation noise. When a typical solenoid valve is energized, there is an inherent clicking sound caused by the metal-to-metal contact of the moving armature and stationary core. With a low sound profile that is 50% quieter (≤ 30 dBA) than our already best in class HDI solenoid valve, this reliable design is ideal for bedside applications flowing air or gas.

Key Product Facts
  • Low Actuation Sound: ≤ 30 dBA
  • Small Size (7 mm) & Lightweight (as low as 2.5g)
  • Low Leakage: <50 µLPM across life (air)
  • Long Cycle Life: 25 million cycles minimum
  • Ideal For Bedside Devices and Patient Simulators
Part Numbers
LHQA0511220H, LHQA0521220H, LHQA0531220H, LHQA1211220H, LHQA1221220H, LHQA1231220H, LHQA2411220H, LHQA2421220H, LHQA2431220H
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